Monday, October 18, 2010

Support WMMT-FM and What's Cookin' Now!

It was about a year and a half ago when Tricia and Jenny and I started kicking around the idea of joining forces and reviving What's Cookin' Now!, WMMT's off-and-on live radio cooking show.  We had done it before separately, and we learned how hard it is to fill an hour of radio by ones' self.  But the three of us together? We'd be unstoppable!

Sixteen shows later, I think we were right.

Unlike a lot of the food media out there, we weren't created in a focus group.  We're not trying to appeal to a demographic or sell you anything.  We're just a trio of bigmouthed foodies who think there is no greater joy than creating real food with real people and for real people.

And that's what I love about WMMT--it's Real People Radio.  Its programmers are real people who want to share their record collection, or their observations about the community, or their innuendo-laden kitchen ramblings with you. In a world where so much media feels like marketing, WMMT is everything that radio should be.

WMMT's Fall Fund Drive is going on now. We don't have a show during the fund drive, but you can call (606) 633-1208, (888) 396-1208, or go to anytime to donate whatever you can to keep Real People Radio and shows like What's Cookin' Now! on the air.

Thanks! And keep on cookin'!

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