Thursday, September 8, 2011

RECIPE: Quick Pickled Green Tomato Caprese (WCN 09/11)

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed last night's show with the folks from Grow Appalachia and their stunning mystery basket of produce. Seriously, it was so beautiful that we didn't even want to cut it up and cook it. If anything the bounty of produce led us to overreach and try to do far too much, but it wouldn't be WCN! if we didn't overdo something.

Maggie brought some lovely green tomatoes; she wasn't sure of the variety, but they apparently stay green. They were tart and delicious, so Jenny suggested pickling them. Recipes from this show are VERY rough since we were cooking on the fly, but I'll do my best.

Green tomatoes
Rice wine vinegar
Black pepper
Fresh mozzarella
Herbs, assorted (parsley worked well)

Slice green tomatoes as thinly as possible. (A mandoline is excellent for this.) Make a brine with rice vinegar and salt--you want about a 5% brine for pickles, and a cup of liquid to a tablespoon of salt will get you pretty close. Add a big dollop of honey--more than you think, since you have a lot of sour to counteract. Add a little black pepper. Taste and make sure it's tasty.

Submerge the tomatoes in the brine. Toss them around occasionally. In 30-45 minutes they should be nice and pickly. Arrange them on a plate with chunks of fresh mozzarella and sprinkle some herbs on top.

1.) This would be excellent with a fresh goat cheese, feta, cojita, or any sort of young cheese.
2.) A little red pepper flake might be nice in the pickle brine as well.
3.) DO NOT use quick pickle recipes for canning! Always use tested recipes for preserving.

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